Musical Marriages: 23Arts and Windham Chamber Music Festival

MusicalMarriages8:00 pm • Saturday, September 2nd 2017
Windham Civic & Performing Arts Center • Windham, NY

Despite the fact the evenings have been getting quite chilly, summer concerts are coming to a close, and notices about the fall and winter series are coming with more frequency, there are about three more weeks of summer left. Yet we can’t ignore the fact that Labor Day weekend is upon us and change is in the air.

One change that has been afoot is with the Windham Chamber Music Festival that has nestled within the Catskill Mountains for two decades. Last year, with the conclusion of their 20 year run with the concert series they nurtured in the quaint and accousticaly fine 1826 Presbyterian Church (now the Windham Civic & Performing Arts Center), WCMF founders Robert Manno and Magdalena Golczewski decided to turn over the reins of the Festival to the 23Arts Initiative, an organization centered in Tannersville and dedicated to infusing the performing arts in the region’s mountaintop communities.

This summer brought the inaugural 23Arts Windham Summer Music Festival, which included a total of seven performances featuring a mixture of jazz, classical and folk. This Saturday brings this “new” Festival’s debut season to a close with an evening of “musical marriages” to honor Robert and Magdalena’s marriage and their legacy of the Windham Chamber Music Festival. 23Arts Windham’s Classical Artistic Director and pianist Jonathan Yates has curated a program of pieces from various classical “musical marriages” and selected Mahler’s Tenth Symphony, his final composition, as the concert’s centerpiece. Yates comments:

Written while Mahler was suffering from a fatal heart condition, and with the knowledge that his wife Alma had had an affair with the architect Walter Gropius, it is among the most passionate and personal utterances in classical music. He never ceased his love for Alma, and the score is covered in writings such as ‘To live for you! To die for you!’ and his pet name for Alma, ‘Almschi!’ He left most of it un-orchestrated at his death; the version performed on our series is an arrangement of the first two movements by composer Michael Galente for eleven players. To set the scene for this remarkable work, we begin with songs by other musicians in well-known musical marriages, including those of Robert Manno, who with his wife, the violinist Magdalena Golczewski, are the dedicatees of our concert.”

The program highlights works by Clara and Robert Schumann, Alma and Gustav Mahler, and Robert Manno with the following:

  • Robert Schumann — Romance for Oboe and Piano in A minor, Op. 94 No. 1
  • Clara Schumann — Romance for Violin and Piano in D-flat Major, Op. 22 No. 1
  • Jacques IbertChansons de Don Quichotte
  • Robert Manno — Dylan’s Aria from Do Not Go Gentle
  • Gustav Mahler —  Adagio and Scherzo-Finale from Symphony No. 10

Featuring the Initiative String Orchestra led by Jonathan Yates, and baritone vocalist Louis Otey of the Phoenicia International Festival of the Voice, it will no doubt be a delightful season finale.

If you can attend, you’ll want to know that by arriving around 6:30 pm you can join 23Arts Windham at the Windham Fine Arts Gallery (5380 NY-23, Windham, NY) for a pre-concert drinks party to celebrate the inaugural 23Arts Windham Summer Music Festival. Happy Musicking this weekend!

For ticket information, click here or contact 23 Arts Initiative at:

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