Saint James Place

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352 Main St
Great Barrington, MA

United States

StJames_Oct15KSPRA_0951Saint James Place is the result of the former St. James Church being completely restored and re-purposed into a thriving, year round cultural center, whose mission is to serve the needs of residents, and visitors while helping local arts and social service organizations who strive to fulfill their missions without the benefit of an affordable, year-round home.

St. James church, built in 1857, has a rich history of performing arts, reaching back decades. The architecture, the size of its sanctuary, its location, and most especially its exquisite proven acoustics, attracted the Aston Magna Music Festival, Close Encounters with Music, and Berkshire Bach to begin there.

In 2008, a portion of the rear stone wall of the former St. James Episcopal Church collapsed, forcing the congregation to permanently vacate the building. Unable to financially address the necessary and significant structural issues of the condemned building, the church and adjoining parish hall were slated for demolition in 2010. Community efforts and a resounding public outcry at the proposed demolition led residents Sally & Fred Harris to create Saint James Place, a secular 501(c)(3) to rescue this iconic, historic treasure of the town.

The church, and the adjoining parish hall, which was added in 1911, are prominently located on Main Street in Great Barrington, at the intersection of two historic districts.

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For information about Berkshire Opera Festival events, please call (413) 213-6622 or e-mail

For information about tickets for Close Encounters with Music events, please call (800) 843-0778 or send an e-mail to:

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