Explore the World with Harp Duo Lilac 94

Lilac94-GerrySzymanski1:00 pm • Saturday, January 28th 2017
The Arts Center of the Capital Region • Troy, NY

This weekend seems to be have a number of family friendly events to get everyone out and about. The Albany Symphony Orchestra and four young singers are embarking on an epic, operatic adventure to help Do-Re find her voice so she can learn how to sing. If you think you can add a little “Mi” to assist, click here for details.

I also want to bring your attention to an intriguing program by harp duo Lilac 94. They will be performing at The Arts Center of the Capital Region in Troy and providing answers to those nagging questions lurking around about harps … you know the ones like:

  • Ever wonder what creates that harp like sound in some of the Beatles songs?
  • Does the harp hold “national instrument” stature for any country?
  • How many strings does a modern “concert” harp have?
  • Do you know where the harp originated?

Professional harpists Christina Brier and Kathryn Sloat will answers these and many more questions that you didn’t know you had on Saturday afternoon with their program Explore! Harp Around the World.

While this just-under-an-hour event takes place at The Arts Center, kudos goes to The Troy Savings Bank Music Hall for presenting this global musical venture, which by the way is suitable for all ages. With Lilac 94 as tour guides, you’ll journey through different cultures to survey the various harps of the world and music associated with each of them. You’ll travel through Ireland, Europe, South America, Japan, Israel, South Africa, India, and the United States with music, visuals, answers to your questions, and perhaps a chance to make music of your own. Rumor has it you’re also likely to get a taste of some of that exciting music of Bollywood as well!

OH … I have forgotten to mention two things. This Saturday program is free of charge. And harpist Kathryn Sloat—also known as Kate Sloat—fell in love with the harp while growing up here in the Capital Region. Kate now resides in New York City making her living playing the harp and touring with Lilac 94. Remember this as the Empire State Youth Orchestra (ESYO) Annual Playathon is right around the corner (click here for more info).  This little nugget of info provides just one more reason for you to check out Lilac 94 on Saturday … a bit of cultural richness produced right here in the Capital Region that is being shared with other communities around the country. Excellent.

Happy Musicking this weekend!

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